OEM Replacement Parts

OCC Systems service and support is dedicated to providing parts and services to our existing customers as well as helping new customers. OCC Systems commitment to quality parts and service will keep your system operating at peak condition. OCC Systems can provide a wide range of OEM replacement parts. (The following are examples of OCC Systems manufactured components)

Component 1

Chain to Chain transfer of an Inverted Power and Free Conveyor. Inverted Power and Free is similar to the overhead Power and Free except the components are turned upside down.

Component 2

Pieces of Power and Free Track. Overhead P&F conveyors are systems where free trolleys are driven by power chains. Carriers, which transport the “loads,” are attached to the free trolleys. The free trolleys are normally engaged to the power chain by a dog attached to the chain and a retractable dog on the free trolley. These conveyors are used on systems where disengagement of the free track carrier from the power chain is required.

Component 3

Wedge Stop

Component 4

Caterpillar drives are a common type of drive for overhead conveyors. They are located usually in a straight section of track within the conveyor system. It is called a caterpillar drive because its driving force is done through a caterpillar chain made of precision steel rollers with dogs that drive into the links of the conveyor chain.

Component 5

OCC Systems Provides custom rollers for Ford Power Roll Bed Conveyor Application.

Component 6


Component 7


Component 8


Component 9


Component 10


Component 11


Component 12